Just A Thought 💭

Do you ever feel like you stuck in a labyrinth that you can’t get out of. Something happens that places you right in the middle of it but without your knowledge or existence. The only thing that can be done but cannot be accomplished. We worry and stress ourselves to the point that is unimaginable, hoping that someone would actually trust and believe you. However, the only thing that can be gained is through tears and anger so why do we find ourselves stuck in middle of it all? Why do we put our trust in the wrong people, those who end up betraying and hurting your feelings?

Overthinking is a dangerous game, especially when it leads to wrong conclusions and accusations on people who are caught within the labyrinth. What do we do to resolve that issue because the more you try and get your point across the more you end up losing hope and making things worse. So why as humans haven’t we perfected this art of communication? You think you know someone, but how well do you actually know them. Trust takes years to build and seconds to break but we’re willing to do that without any explanation or proof. So why?

Why do we live in a society that jumps to conclusions without even knowing anyone. We have no idea what someone life’s is like or what they go through on a regular basis but we are quick to accuse and jump to conclusions to satisfy our needs. Is there no such thing as having a shoulder to cry on or actually making someone feel better about themselves instead of bringing then down? What do we actually achieve by doing that?

Do you ever days where you just feel so lost within yourself because no one wants to believe you. That feeling of desperation for someone to trust but in the meantime you are left feeling sick to your stomach to a point that you don’t even know how to function within the society because you’d rather spend most of your day crying – because there is genuinely nothing else left to do that. I know for most people this happens once in a while but what do you do when you’re left feeling like this everyday single day. Who do you turn to ask for help and to listen to what you have to say. The answer is unfortunately what most of us don’t want to hear but maybe its sometimes best to leave and go somewhere to be free from all this crap that no one prepares you for.

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